rackspaceSan Antonio-based Rackspace and Red Hat announced Thursday that they have won a federal court decision dismissing a lawsuit brought by Uniloc USA.
The victory over, Uniloc USA, concerned a 2012 lawsuit against Rackspace alleging “that the processing of floating point numbers by the Linux operating system violated U.S. Patent 5,892,697,” according to a news release. “Rackspace and Red Hat immediately moved to dismiss the case prior to filing an answer. In dismissing the case, Chief Judge Leonard Davis found that Uniloc’s claim was unpatentable under Supreme Court case law that prohibits the patenting of mathematical algorithms.”
“The early dismissal of this case delivers a clear message that patent assertion entities can’t expect quick settlements on weak claims, a tactic many patent assertion entities use to monetize questionable patents,” Alan Schoenbaum, Rackspace General Counsel, said in a news statement. “We salute Red Hat for its outstanding defense and for standing firm with its customers in defeating this patent troll. We hope that many more of these spurious software patent lawsuits will be dismissed on similar grounds.”