metcalfecheerleaders-1The University of Texas at Austin wants student entrepreneurs to receive as much recognition and support as the school’s athletes, according to Bob Metcalfe.
Metcalfe, UT professor of innovation and a successful entrepreneur, innovator and venture capitalist, heads up the university’s Longhorn Startup Program, previously known as One Semester Startup, along with serial entrepreneur Joshua Baer. That program has helped dozens of student entrepreneurs launch companies and seek investment capital.
This week, the University of Texas puts the spotlight on campus innovators with UT Entrepreneurship Week, which is a week of events designed to develop student entrepreneurs and their new ventures. The full list of events can be found on its website.
This evening, Metcalfe will discuss the importance of student entrepreneurship to kick off the UT Entrepreneurship Student Startup Expo, which highlights 15 student run companies. The event is hosted by Scientific Entrepreneurial Society and run by Taylor Barnett.
“The goal for E Week is to engage the student body in supporting these students and considering the entrepreneurial lifestyle,” according to Nick Spiller, one of its organizers.
The event includes a special Longhorn Entrepreneur Awards Dinner on Wednesday at 7:30. For the first time, the university’s student government will recognize a Student Entrepreneur of the Year.