imgres-10Xeris Pharmaceuticals of Austin has raised an additional $6 million.
The pharmaceutical company has developed injectable treatments for diabetes, epilepsy and other diseases.
Xeris raised its money from private foundations, federal government research grants, commercialization funds and private investors.
It has received funds from the National Institutes of Health and Small Business Innovation Research grants and private foundation funds from the Epilepsy Therapy Project and the Helmsley Trust.
“Collaboration with an academic group that is recognized as a leader in the field of research adds another level of credibility to our efforts which is very powerful,” Yash Sabharwal, COO and CFO of Xeris, said in a news release. “Since 2009, Xeris has raised over $3M in non-dilutive grant funding with another $2M in applications still pending.”
The company has also raised more than $5 million from angel investors.
It has also received $1.9 million from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.
The company will continue to raise funds and is looking for a Series B round of investment.