imgres-7A million visits isn’t cool, you know what’s cool?
One billion visits.
And RetailMeNot has achieved that major milestone with 1 billion visits to its site since it launched in 2006.
“We want to take a moment to recognize this important event in the timeline of our history and thank all the consumers who visited RetailMeNot over the years,” Cotter Cunningham, CEO & Founder of WhaleShark Media, the operator of RetailMeNot, said in a news statement. “Shoppers have trusted RetailMeNot since the site was founded in late 2006 to help them save money while they buy the items and services they need and want. We remain more committed than ever to finding new ways to help consumers keep more money in their pockets.”
The RetailMeNot Mobile App has been downloaded more than 3 million times.
Founded in 2010, WhaleShark Media, based in Austin, has received $300 million from several venture capital firms including Austin Ventures, Google Ventures, and Institutional Venture Partners.
Since its founding, WhaleShark Media has evolved into a profitable and quickly growing company, generating 30 percent growth in site traffic and 50 percent revenue growth. WhaleShark Media’s rapid growth stems, in part, from a series of major acquisitions of other coupon vendors, most importantly, the single largest online coupon site in the world, and, the UK’s top online deal site.