imgres-12Eleven startups will join the Spring 2013 Accelerator put on by the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs at the University of Texas at Austin.
Half of the companies focus on the software industry with the remaining companies working on hardware, biotechnology, consumer goods and healthcare.
“I am excited to see what the students and entrepreneurs in the program can produce this semester,” Sid Allen, CEO of Escapaide and Accenture Venture Partner for TVL, said in a news release. “I have high expectations as, across-the-board, this is the best group of companies TVL has ever worked with.”

From Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs, here’s the list of companies with a description of each one provided by TVL:

Cellular Machines designs and manufactures a $399 monitoring device that uses the cell phone network to send text message alarms and continuously send reports to a Cloud Server. Installation takes five minutes and no IT skills are needed. While still a start-up company, Cellular Machines has installed over 170 products as part of a test marketing program through the website. Twenty percent of the customers have reordered. All of the software and circuit designs were done in-house. The success of the test marketing effort prompted the company to redesign the product to achieve 35% less cost and add a line of wireless temperature sensors. The TVL analysis will include recommendations of what markets to concentrate on and possible funding or merger opportunities.

Admittance Technologies is committed to improving the quality of life of patients with heart disease through innovative electrical engineering solutions. We provide a platform technology compatible with all existing pacemakers to determine heart volume in real time. CardioVol™, our flagship product, is ahead of the curve in three areas by providing: 1) the only device which can determine the hemodynamic stability of ventricular tachycardia, 2) an automatic therapy to tune the timing of pacemakers previously implanted in these patients, 3) the earliest detection of impending heart failure, and 4) technology that requires no additional surgery because we are piggybacking into devices already indicated in all patients with weakened hearts. We are currently working on a completely new platform with Texas Venture Labs involving tissue viability that will be valuable in markets such as kidney tumor surgery, organ transplant, and ablation surgery for arrhythmias.

Altogen Labs is a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant laboratory that provides innovative biotechnology research services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions worldwide. Our scientists have years of experience and expertise that includes all types of pre-clinical CRO studies, cell and molecular biology research and development. Altogen Labs recently developed a bioremediation technology based on an approach using the most potent oil-degrading bacteria found at multiple oil spill sites in Texas. This technology allows remediation of large amounts of hydrocarbon-contaminated liquids or soil. We have completed laboratory and field tests, performed genome characterization, secured IP, and are focused on commercialization of this technology.

StatusPath is an online platform for recurring employee status reports. Our customized status report templates and status report samples, intuitive user interfaces, and built-in collaborative tools enable our customers to write and read better status reports more quickly. We love status reports, so you can too.

Moniker Guitars gives you the ability to design and purchase custom electric guitars online. Choose colors, shapes, and parts and even add text and graphics to make your new guitar truly unique. All our guitars are built in Austin, TX and shipped to your door. Design yours at

Inifinite io is a stealth-mode IT systems company developing disruptive technology for the data storage market. Our game changing new technology combines Flash memory with Cloud storage to help data center managers gain control of exploding data storage costs. It’s an accepted fact that eighty percent or more of all data is written once and never accessed again and that inactive data in the typical data center doubles every twenty four months or less. Infinite io is developing technology to automatically control and manage the massive growth of inactive data that assumes the majority of most IT storage budgets while dramatically increasing the access performance of data that is actively used.

Vampire Labs was founded in Austin, TX, by a handful of eclectic, pioneering talents focused on ending vampire energy loss with innovations designed to save energy on a massive scale at minimal cost. To date, Vampire Labs has a dozen issued or pending patents for technology that eliminates vampire energy loss in mobile device battery chargers, external power supplies, and microprocessor cores.

AuManil assists the $40B (2015) online games market to reduce whale churn, increase whale conversion, improve whale acquisition and manage whales across a portfolio of games. Our team of data scientists analyze an individual player’s financial and game play behavior to profile each player in order to predict lifetime value, churn risk and life-cycle patterns. The patterns let our customers engage their players with personal messaging or offers to support that player’s competitive or bulk purchasing or Sunday-church-avoiding nature.

Carnegie Design Systems provides chip design services to the semiconductor industry in the processor, audio, communication, power and consumer electronic space. Carnegie Design System has developed a class of encryption algorithms based on correction codes for the data security space.

IncentTo is a SaaS Sales Incentive Management and Marketing Program Management company designed to simplify and automate sales incentives and marketing campaigns. It is specially designed to improve the performance of sales and marketing organizations through a web based system that quickly, efficiently, and consistently designs, deploys, procures, distributes and reports on sales incentive programs.

Kin Valley is the social network that provides the best way to Connect with Kin. Kin are the people who are most important to you…your family, your best friends, and your family support system — teachers, coaches, teammates, troop leaders, etc. Kin Valley also happens to be the only multi-generational social network where kids (including children under 13) and adults can interact freely. Only Kin Valley is “Safe for adults” and “Super-Safe for kids.” This makes Kin Valley the social network of choice for parents as well as many organizations including schools, sports leagues, and the Girl Scouts.