imgres-2We Are Austin Tech, a weekly video site highlighting Austin area technology entrepreneurs, has just launched its second season.
Its latest post features a profile of Gazzang CEO Larry Warnock.
The site has done more than 25 video interviews featuring some of the city’s most prominent technology leaders including Bob Metcalfe, co-founder of ethernet and 3-COM and now professor of innovation at the University of Texas and video game visionary Richard Garriott and his latest venture, Portalarium. Other interviews featured Pike Powers, Bryan Mennell (SubtleData), Andrew Allison (Main Street Hub), Mellie Price (Front Gate Tickets), Sam Decker (ex-Bazaarvoice, Mass Relevance), Kevin Koym (Austin Tech Ranch), and Lloyd Armbrust (
The site got its inspiration from We Are NY Tech and seeks to put a spotlight on the innovators in the local technology community.
“The goal is to evangelize the people that empower the Austin tech scene in order to attract more talent and opportunity to the city,” according to a news release.
The We Are Austin Tech site is made up of prominent technology leaders like Austinpreneur Joshua Baer (founder, Otherinbox and The Capital Factory), Ruben Cantu (CORE Media Enterprises), René Lego (SolarWinds), Austen Trimble (, Nicholle Jaramillo (The Capital Factory), and Paul Schomer (Radio Crowdfund). Austin-based Thinktiv designed and created the original site, which WPEngine hosts.