This summer, I covered High School Startup, a three weekend long technology focused camp for 20 teenagers to create products.
It took place at Anderson High School in Austin and four team produced four separate products at the end of the camp.
The first project just went live to raise funds on Kickstarter. The kids created Switchbox, a new gearbox designed for competition robots. The gearbox is easier to mount and repair and also has flexible gear ratios.
Their Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise $15,000 by Dec. 21st.
If you want to know more High School Startup, read this story I filed at the conclusion of the first camp.
Also this Friday, the students will be giving demos and pitches of their companies at the first High School Startup Demo Day at Anderson High School auditorium at 6:30 p.m. You can sign up here.
The keynote speaker is Eric Meltzer, founder of The Open Company.
The panelist providing feedback to the students include Josh Baer, founder, OtherInbox and managing director of Capital Factory, Evan Baehr, founder, Outbox Mail, Whurley, general manager, Chaotic Moon Labs.