Rackspace’s headquarters, which they call “The Castle,” photo courtesy of Rackspace

San Antonio’s largest technology company, Rackspace got some big-time press with an article in the New York Times.
The reporter chronicled the company’s renovation of the dilapidated Windsor Park Mall into its corporate headquarters.
It is an amazing facelift.
The mall now houses the bulk of Rackspace’s workforce and it’s got all kind of amenities, detailed in the story, like a two-story circular slide, a food court, food truck days, recreation rooms and so much more.
“Our headquarters is a representation of our values as a company,” Weston told the New York Times. “We are ambitious, we are expansive, and we are unorthodox.”
The article mentioned Weston’s business ventures and his wealth but failed to mention his philanthropic efforts through his 80/20 Foundation. Weston is shaking up the educational system and the tech startup community locally. He has invested millions to establish Geekdom in downtown San Antonio and to provide startup funds to technology companies. In addition, he is funding SparkED technology and entrepreneurship weekend programs for middle school kids and summer camp to teach them to build mobile phone apps.
The investments of Weston and other Rackspace founders like Pat Condon and Dirk Elmendorf and former Rackspace executives like Jason Seats are transforming San Antonio into a bustling technology center. To see this transformation first hand visit Geekdom at the Weston Centre downtown. Nick Longo, a technology entrepreneur and former Racker, runs the collaborative coworking space that has already expanded to San Francisco.

Disclosure: Geekdom is a sponsor of Silicon Hills News