Photo by – Media Bombshell HQ — at Link Coworking. Courtesy of Link Coworking.

In 2010, Link Coworking opened in Austin.
Its founder Liz Elam, who previously spent 14 years working from home for Dell, wanted a nice place to work without the disruptions of coffee shops and with plenty of electrical outlets and speedy Internet access.
When she couldn’t find a place like that, she created Link Coworking in the Village Shopping Center at 2700 West Anderson Lane.
“Link Coworking provides members with a professional and interactive workspace where they don’t have to worry about spending too long at a coffee shop, trying to find an outlet, or being distracted by kids and chores at home,” according to Elam. “Members choose to work from Link not only because it provides them with a comfortable work environment and boosts their productivity, but also because they gain a new community of coworkers and the ability to network with people in many different industries.”
On its second anniversary, Link has expanded to Link Too, a 3,500 square foot workspace in the same location as Link, which provides a quieter work environment with dedicated desks and offices. Link Too also offers 24 hour access to the site whereas the original Link site closes at 6 p.m. daily.

Liz Elam with Link Coworking created this video to provide a virtual tour of its offices.