Nick Longo, director of Geekdom, speaking at the coworking site’s recent membership meeting about the site’s expansion to San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Geekdom

Geekdom, the collaborative coworking space in downtown San Antonio, has expanded its kingdom to San Francisco.
And eventually Geekdom hopes to have a global presence with sites in China, South America and other parts of the world and in other cities in the United States, said Nick Longo, its director.
“We’ve got a lot of requests whether it’s different states or different countries,” Longo said. “We’ll go where it makes sense. We’re not in the franchising business.”
The 15,000 square foot downtown San Francisco Geekdom location officially opens in May, Longo said. He spent the last three days in San Francisco at the site. It will feature teleconferencing so members of the San Antonio and San Francisco Geekdom locations can collaborate, he said.
“It’s a live social network,” Longo said.
San Francisco has a real need for office space for its growing technology workforce, Longo said. The site will feature dedicated desks, but only a few dedicated offices, he said. While it’s uncertain whether the site will have a Geekdom Fund, which provides $25,000 investments in startups, investors in the Bay Area will have an active role in the site and its companies, Longo said.
Geekdom members can work out of either San Antonio or San Francisco. And activities at either site will be live streamed for both offices.
“One of the key elements is bringing the workshops and speakers in San Francisco into the San Antonio Geedkom,” Longo said.
Geekdom seeks to become part of the startup ecosystem in San Francisco, Longo said.
“They have a need for space and we have a need for collaboration,” Longo said. “It works out perfectly.”
Geekdom also plans to launch educational programs and weekend bootcamps for kids at the San Francisco site.
“For us, it was the opportunity to be closer to a technology center,” Longo said.
Not even a year old, Geekdom has quickly grown into the technology hub for startups in downtown San Antonio. The site, headed up by Longo, a technology entrepreneur and backed by Rackspace Founders Graham Weston and Pat Condon, has grown quickly. It now has more than 450 members, who pay a monthly fee to either rent an office or work at a desk in the commons area.
Geekdom is also expanding from the 11th floor to the 10th floor of the Weston Centre. The site also hosts the popular TechStars Cloud program, run by Jason Seats, its managing director and cofounder of Slicehost. The program is currently accepting applications with its second program set to kick off in January.
The Geekdom San Francisco site will most likely host some companies from Y Combinator and 500 Startups, Longo said. And, a alumni of the first TechStars Cloud class, is based in the San Francisco area too.
The San Antonio Geekdom hosts dozens of technology companies including TrueAbility, Zippykid, Facekey, Cabstr, Embarkly and Grapevine.
Aside from providing office space to digital nomads, Geekdom fosters the technology community by hosting all kinds of meetups and providing nightly classes on everything from programming to marketing and legal seminars. And it doesn’t shut down after dark. The site operates around the clock and has hosted 3 Day Startup Weekends and other events geared at technology and entrepreneurship. Next weekend, the SparkEd program, designed to foster learning in the fields of Science, Technology, Education, Art and Math to at risk junior high school students, starts.

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