Vid Luther started Zippykid in 2010 to meet a need for dedicated hosting of WordPress sites.
The San Antonio-based startup has quickly grown. It now occupies one of the largest offices at Geekdom and has nine employees. During a recent meeting, Luther proudly showed off one of the company’s latest coups: healthcare benefits from Blue Cross.
Zippykid is the kind of high-tech startup that San Antonio technology leaders hope to incubate by the dozens at Geekdom, a new collaborative coworking space at the Weston Centre in downtown San Antonio. For more on Zippykid, check out this Q&A I did with Luther almost a year ago. A lot has changed since then.
500 Startups recently invested in Zippykid. The company has received additional funds from Geekdom and several angel investors including Slicehost Founder Jason Seats and Rackspace Co-Founder Pat Condon. That money has enabled Zippykid to hire additional employees and re-architect its services.
Among its new features, Zippykid reports it takes less than five seconds to get a site deployed with them. It’s also offering free hosting with no credit card required.
As long as the site doesn’t get more than 5,000 page views a month, it’s free. The site gets the same support including malware scanning and removal, the managed upgrades, patches and backups.
Since Zippykid launched the free hosting earlier this month it has been getting more than 100 new sites a day, Luther said. Zippykid has also beefed up its security to keep hackers at bay.
For more information check out WPCandy, which has written this post with a thorough discussion of Zippykid’s new features.