In Austin, software, hardware, semiconductor and information technology skills are in demand, according to Door64, a 20,000 member technology organization, which Monday released a Hiring Priority Survey of technology companies.
Startups were not included in the survey.
For the first three months of 2012, software is the biggest skill in demand. Companies are specifically looking for Java, User Interface/User Experience, Software Quality Assurance, and .NET experience.
“We all know, it is often one or two key holes in a company that can impede growth,” Door64 founder Matt Genovese said in a statement. “We are stepping up and surveying the hiring managers of a set of sizable Austin area technology companies every quarter starting now with today’s survey results, to get deliberately granular about what these hiring shortages are.”
More than half of the 54 managers surveyed reported software as their main hiring priority, followed by information technology with skills like systems administration, network engineering, project management, security.
The third priority was the hardware or semiconductor category, at 14%, meaning chip design, verification, embedded software.
The biggest software category was Java, at 16% of all respondents, 30% of the software needs. Java is still king in Austin, used for developing in a variety of business needs, from enterprise Java to mobile technologies built in Java.
Door64 will be holding the Austin Pain-point Job Fair on June 29 at the AT&T Conference Center at University of Texas.