Startup Weekend Austin kicks off Friday and runs through Sunday.
The event features a group of people who come up with business ideas and then spend 54 hours together hammering out the details and launching the companies.
The event, which takes places at HubAustin Coworking at 4930 S. Congress Ave, is so popular that it has a huge wait list. So the organizers are giving away a ticket to the person who creates the best 60 second pitch video. The tickets aren’t cheap either. They range from $75 for a designer to $99 for nontechnical participants and developers. Caleb Smith created a rap video to compete for a ticket. Brian Curliss created an online matchmaking dating video pairing himself up with Startup Weekend Austin. You can find all of the videos here.
And even though the event is sold out, the public can still attend the final Startup Weekend Austin pitch session on Sunday, where the newly formed ventures will present their ventures to a panel of judges. To attend the demo pitches, make sure to RSVP here.