A Web app firm, Bloomfire Inc. has landed $10 million in financing from Austin Ventures and Redpoint Ventures.
The Austin-based startup has created a productivity web app targeted at companies and their employees.
The product sounds like a corporate Pinterest-like application with an interactive component that allows employees to share documents, videos, pictures and charts online in real time. The application can be used as a training tool.
“Bloomfire addresses old-school productivity problems with a new-school approach, using social software to create and share valuable information within an enterprise,” Chris Pacitti, general partner at Austin Ventures said in a news statement. “It essentially allows you to clone your best sales people, reducing costs, improving productivity and accelerating new business opportunities that drive your bottom line.”
A group of seasoned entrepreneurs founded Bloomfire including CEO Craig Malloy, who founded and sold LifeSize to Logitech, CTO Dave McCann, formerly an executive at LifeSize and Chief Evangelist Josh Little, former national training manager at Stryker Instruments.