Just in time for South by Southwest, bar patrons can now access their PayPal account to pay for a bar tab thanks to Austin-based Tabbedout, the mobile payment solution that enables customers to open, view and pay their bar or restaurant tab with their phone.
No need to carry around a bunch of credit cards during the insanity that is SXSW. Instead, Tabbedout works on any iPhone or Android mobile phone. The free app lets you settle a bar or restaurant bill with PayPal at select Austin locations.
“PayPal is enthusiastic about giving our consumers the choice to make payments any time, anywhere and in almost any way they want,” Scott Dunlap, vice president of emerging opportunities for PayPal said in a news statement. “Being offered within the Tabbedout mobile app is another way we’re delivering consumers a fast, secure way to pay without ever pulling out their wallets.”