Austin-based Infochimps, a data marketplace, has announced a new product, the Infochimps Platform for big data.
The Infochimps Platform allow companies to create and manage big data sets faster and cheaper, according to its news release. Infochimp customers including SpringSense Runa and BlackLocus use the platform to sort through data from databases, the web and Infochimp’s Data Marketplace.
“Every big data challenge is unique. The Infochimps Platform is the glue that holds it all together regardless of the infrastructure you’re running, and helps you get the most possible value out of your investment,” cofounder and CEO Joe Kelly said in a statement.
Infochimps is also now offering services such as custom data projects, training and support.
CNET has a story “Little Startup Infochimps has a Platform for Big Data” and so does GigaOm “How Infochimps wants to become Heroku for Hadoop.”