By Luke Carrière
Special contributor to Silicon Hills News

Ever wanted to start a company but didn’t know the exact market or have the exact expertise? 3 Day Startup is teaming up with HomeAway, a recently IPO-ed Austin startup, to challenge, inspire, and help students and recent graduates to create companies in the travel space. The goal is to meet co-founders, work with great mentors, and build momentum for your new tech startup. We would like to invite you to apply to this exciting new event, which will be held the weekend of April 13th to April 15th. Please apply as soon as possible as we have rolling admissions.

We’ll combine the regular 3DS format – sixty hours of little sleep, high intensity doing, including market validation, prototyping, business model generation, etc – with HomeAway’s unique insights in the travel industry to help you create new companies. HomeAway has generously agreed to donate access to their API, their top executives, and has agreed to host free boot camps on the travel space in general and specifically, the $85 billion vacation rental market. The experiment here is simple: what happens when you combine 40 brilliant participants, 3DS’ proven methods for company creation, and the insights and expertise of a $2 billion company? As always, you, the participants will own the company. (That’s right, HomeAway isn’t taking any equity in companies that come out of the weekend, although they have acquired a lot of companies (16) in the past few years.)

Accepted participants will be mentored by some of HomeAway’s finest employees, including Chief Technology Officer Ross Buhrdorf. Over a dozen rockstars from HomeAway’s engineering, marketing, and sales departments will also be on hand at the event to help you build your companies. If you’re interested in participating in this unique new event, please click here to apply.