Startup Texas launched today.
With Michael Dell on the board of Startup America, it’s natural that Texas is one of the latest regions selected by the organization to help foster entrepreneurship.
Startup America launched earlier this year and is a private-public partnership initiated by President Obama and the White House. But Steve Case, CEO of Startup America Partnership, sees the organization as rallying private companies to help spur innovation and create jobs through startups.
The Startup America regions already include Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts and Tennessee. The Austin Chamber of Commerce is spearheading the Startup Texas effort. Its goal is to provide more jobs in central Texas and the chamber plans to provide funding through its Opportunity Austin initiative.
“Cities like Austin prove that as young companies are founded and grow, they create the jobs America needs right now,” Case said a in news release. “We’re thrilled to work with the Austin team to initially launch Startup Texas, and look forward to integrating our resources and reach throughout all of Texas, with its formidable and well-established culture of entrepreneurship.”
John Price, CEO of will serve as chair of Startup Texas.