Ariane Fisher, co-founder and CEO of Storymix Media kicked off  The Capital Factory’s Demo Day Wednesday morning.

“We create stories from your personal videos,” Fisher said.

The market for a tool that allows someone to put together a personal video easily with automated video editing software is huge, she said. Last year, people bought 78 million photobooks. But the solution for video is harder, a lot harder, Fisher said.

“If you just slap together some clips the end result can be painful to watch” Fisher said.

That’s where Storymix comes in, Fisher said. The site makes it simple to create a beautifully edited video as it is to create a photobook, she said.

“Storymix makes it easy,” she said.

The site allows people to gather pictures, video clips and other media together and tell a story using titles, captions and themes. It is not a slideshow with 10 second clips, Fisher said. Storymix provides a professional video mashup for as little as $99. Currently the system builds 85 percent of the product automatically, she said. The site is targeting the $90 billion wedding market.

“We don’t have users,” Fisher said. “We have paying customers.”

Already, Storymix has 100 paid customers and projects $500,000 in revenue in the next 12 months, Fisher said. The company is looking to raise $500,000 to accelerate its growth.