Why Are People Moving to Austin?

LawnStarter has created a great infographic to explain why people are moving to Austin.

6 Reasons Why Everyone is Moving to AustinThis infographic is brought to you by Lawnstarter Austin


  1. Why are there still unemployed people over 40 in Austin with tech and Life Science skills?? Just trying to provoke discussion to get some people a paycheck that deserve it.

    • Barry Spotts says:

      Austin is attracting many young people. Austin is #11 out of 50 cities to find jobs by Indeed statistics. Many high tech workers over 40 or 50 are not what high tech companies are looking to hire…. They want employees with less than 10 years of experience… It just becomes more difficult to get jobs especially for those over 50…. Many tech jobs are dynamic as companies come and go… Older employees need to network, network, network, and keep trying… I do see as many companies lay off older employees, those employees do not immediately start looking for a job, if they are given 6 months or a year salary…. This is a mistake… The longer one waits before start looking the harder it will get…

      • I was at BioAustin last night, downtown. Seems like I was the oyster one there wanting to hook up Big Data Tools and things like Oracle to BioTech, the IoT concept. Seems few there really wanted to add that to their duties. I maybe over 40 but have the curiosity of a 25 yr. Old. I challenge some of these ‘stifled’ HR people to pull their heads out of it. What is it, you have to be 35 or older to be Pres.?

        I hear with an open mind-no age blinders on.

        To throw dirt on a person career, life at 40 makes No sense. Without us, who will pay into Social Security, taxes? I suppose all these 25-35 Zukerberg types really want the older taxpayers to quit.

        My M.D. is over 45 ans she is great. Should I fire her??

        Walter Earl Roper
        Austin, TX (Aboretum)

        • Colleen Kenny says:

          Austin is Only good for the VERY Young, – under 25 crowd. The city is geared towards this college mentality and Longhorn Football, college life that it will Never grow past, like most normal and interesting cities and cultures eventually do: into adulthood. It isn’t just “weird” it is Bizarre. I can’t wait to leave this place!!! I have a 7 year old son who I would NEVER dream of raising here, or sending to UT. The mentality: it is Ridiculous. I Hate the color burnt Orange!!! Why doesn’t a city of this size have any Pro-Sporting teams and everyone living here seems to be under a cloud of mass hysteria/delusion! I have spent Most of my team here being stuck in traffic and a victim of other’s road rage! This city is only good up until the age of 25, after which, if you have Half a brain: it gets BORING FAST!

      • Yeah, you know what “dynamic” means in a non politically correct words? Having no respect for their employees, by paying them shit wages, and at the first sign of someone asking for a paid vacation they find a reason to fire you.

        Thats what.

        I cannot stand you politcally correct hispter generation, who has their heads up their ass, and thinks the conutry is doing strong cause Obama said so, and you still have your 65k per year job. You are not looking at numbers like 55 million on foodstamps, and 40 million who can barely afford to pay for their healthcare, that stillllllllllllll doesnt cover shit, with astronomical deductibles to boot.

        More and more illegals coming over every day, Obama importing Syrian rapeugees, and now we have even Haitians at the border too.

        It may be easy for you techie assholes who may have $50K stacked in your account, it aint for white working class like me who have less than $500 in the bank, and every job I get wants to pay me $9/hr and requires me to have to out work 7 mexicans.

        And yet you assholes want to import more mexicans in.

        • I happen to be one of those techie assholes only I don’t have 50k in the bank and I almost never have more than a $100 in the bank other than payday. I also work with Mexicans and every other minority. Immigrants aren’t the problem. They came here in search of some kind of a job just like my ancestors. They come because we told the world we were the greatest country in the world and we were but not anymore because corporations decided to send jobs to other countries. The only jobs that’s left is techie jobs and shit jobs with shit pay which immigrants will gladly take because something is better than nothing. At least in Austin there are some jobs left if your willing to swallow your pride and do what you have to. I’d go to work at some burger joint for minimum wage if it meant my family keeps a roof over their head. You can either learn the tech trade or some other trade and get out there or find another city but bitching about immigrants and hipsters means you have no idea what the real problem is. I sure hope you don’t think Trump is going change things he could care less what the people want nobody does. So you take care of yourself and your neighbors no matter where they come from because in the end we are all the same.

  2. Colleen Kenny says:

    I have lived here for 8 years and I can Not wait to leave!!!! The traffic situation and roads are Horrendous!!! Want to spend your life sitting in traffic, and trying to navigate Ancient 2-lane freeways like the Main one here which is a Nightmare, gridlock at any time day or night I-35 – Move to Austin! Awful weather!!! more than 70 days a year the temperature is over 100 degrees! It is Miserable. Crowded attractions, – Zilker Park – you can barely find a parking spot on the weekends! Same with Whole Foods on Lamar (I don’t even bother going)! BORING!!!!! NO CULTURE, NO Major Attractions: NONE, outside of a heavily drugged and drunk population, partying day and night, – there is not much to do except for drink here and it breeds alcoholism and horrible accidents, where people are constantly killed! Austin is a Hellhole. I’m just so Thrilled to finally be moving: Amazing San Diego, where most Austinites have never even visited! People like it here because they don’t know any better and I have no clue who this city bribed for all the publicity. BYE “Ya’ll”

    • Having lived in San Diego, LA, Palo Alto, Chicago and Austin, I can tell you that your complaints can be applied everywhere. Enjoy the 405 in San Diego, you’ll wish you were back on I35.. Gaslamp district is 6th Street. Zilker parking= Paradise beach. Crowded Austin attractions= annoying lost tourists that don’t know how to drive.. Don’t even suggest the Chargers or Padres are a pro team.. Lol/jk.

      As far as culture, in any given city it’s what you make of it. Sounds like you need a fresh start. Best of luck.

    • You sound like amiserable person.

    • Adios, putito! I left too, but I sure as hell didn’t go to California!

  3. I’ve moved to Austin from Los Angeles about six years ago due to the economy and for the most part it was a good decision. I am 46 years old and I don’t care where you live when you your over 40 you gotta work hard and finding work. But you got a better shot here. For those complaining about the “mentality” you just need to find your type of people and activities and go do it and not expect a city to entertain you. But Austin is no different then any other city, for as many things it’s got going for it, it’s also got plenty of issues. the No. 1 issue is transit. The city has grown so quickly that the county just doesn’t seem to know what to do about the problem including some bad ideas (toll roads). You have to remember that most people who sit on the council have no experience in managing a city with huge population growth and all the issues that come with. Simply moving to another city won’t make the problems go away. Trust me I lived in L.A. you don’t know traffic problems unless you’ve lived there.

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    Why Are People Moving to Austin? – SiliconHills

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