TechStars Cloud’s Matches Workers’ Personalities to the Right Job

The TechStars Cloud company,, wants people to be happy in their jobs.
The San Francisco-based company has spent the past three months at Geekdom in the TechStars Cloud accelerator program. Its founders will officially pitch their company during TechStars Cloud Demo Day on Thursday at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre in downtown San Antonio. is one of 12 TechStar Cloud companies in the 2013 class.
goodco_logo_v6The team behind have created a “professional network and self-discovery platform for people who want more meaningful careers.”
The company offers free psychometric personality tests on its website based on its own algorithm that is reports has a 95 percent accuracy rate. It seeks to match people’s personalities with the right workplace. It also gives them tools and resources to succeed in the workplace. is also integrated with LinkedIn and can make recommendations on current job opportunities most suitable to applicants.
By finding the right candidate for the job,’s personality assessment can save companies time and money.
“Everyone wants to be happy in their career, and find that perfect position where they thrive as a professional, and feel at home and part of a team,” Jason Seats, Managing Director of TechStars Cloud, said in a statement. “ has created a highly accurate test for deciphering the personality types of professionals, teams and companies. The platform is a great tool for finding that perfect job, and also gives managers, HR departments and recruiters a great resource for identifying those candidates most likely to be a fit for them, too.”

About a week ago, Laura Lorek, founder of Silicon Hills News, interviewed’s team of Samar Birwadker, Subbu Balakrishnan, Nisar Mirza and Gabriel Debeaupuis in the Silver Fox Studios at Geekdom. The video from that interview is posted below.


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