At WhaleShark Media, the “Employee of the Month,” known as its “Top Shark” gets to spin a wheel of fortune and win a prize.
Employees nominate the hardest working WhaleShark employee and management votes on the winner.
In the past, Top Sharks have won free flights and hotel stays anywhere in the U.S., Super Bowl tickets, elliptical machines and more.
Recently, Austin-based WhaleShark added a new prize: a timed three minute shopping spree in Costco. The employee and one helper can load up on as much merchandize as they can get to the register in three minutes. Then Cotter Cunningham, WhaleShark CEO, pays for the purchases and they get to walk out of the store with the merchandise.
Recently, “Top Shark” WhaleShark employee Angela Wong hit the jackpot.
On Thursday, Angela, cheered on by 80 employees, took on Costco and won, said Brian Hoyt, head of communications at WhaleShark Media.
“The grand total – Angela is now the proud owner of nearly $25,000 in merchandise,” Hoyt said. “Including: 3 flat screens, 10 cameras, 2 computers, several Dyson vacuum cleaners and case of nice champagne!”
The wheel of fortune is just one of the ways WhaleShark rewards employees, Hoyt said. The company is focused on attracting and retaining the top technology talent in Austin, he said.