On Kickstarter, Casey Hopkins of Portland, Oregon, set out to raise $75,000 to create the Elevation Dock for the iPhone. He ended up raising $1,464,706 from 12,521 backers.
He saw a problem. He found a solution. And the marketplace responded with a huge demand for his product.
He was one of the first companies to break the $1 million fundraising mark on Kickstarter, according to Silicon Florist, which has been following Hopkins’ story from the beginning.
Now a couple of Austinites hope their “The Mounty,” a simple, durable mount for the iPhone and other smartphones of similar dimensions will be a big hit. It was designed to work on a bike’s handlebars but it has many other uses for mounting on baby strollers, shopping carts and more. So far, Eleanor and Kevin have raised $10,303 from 266 backers on Kickstarter. Their project will not be funded if they don’t reach their goal of $29,000 in the next nine days. Watch the video and the back these innovative product designers. The Mounty looks like a useful tool for anyone with a smartphone. Full disclosure: I backed The Mounty with a $20 donation.