austin-hottest-showcasing-startup-1Are you ready for a rumble?
Tonight in Austin, some local startups will throw down their best pitches in a contest sponsored by Tech Cocktail.
Tech Cocktail, a tech media company based in Chicago, throws parties at SXSW every year but it also holds a few Austin mixers every year.
Tonight, Tech Cocktail will be hosting 12 startups and other local technology industry members for cocktails and more at The Stage on Sixth. The event kicks off at 6:30 and runs until 9.
And you can register for the mixer here. If you’re a member of Austin Startups group on Facebook, you can get an additional 15 percent discount with a link through that site.
Tech Cocktail is also canvassing people’s opinions beforehand through an online survey to find out which company is Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup. So far, MakerSquare with 2,408 votes is in the lead, followed by GoodyBag with 2230 and UMeTime with 1010. The poll ends at 6:00 p.m. There will also be a live voting component to the competition. The winner will be announced at the event.

Here’s the list of tonight’s startups, with descriptions provided by Tech Cocktail: – AuManil assists the $40B (2015) online games market to reduce whale churn, increase whale conversion, improve whale acquisition and manage whales across a portfolio of games. Our team of data scientists analyze an individual player’s financial and game play behavior to profile each player in order to predict lifetime value, churn risk and life-cycle patterns.

Campus Slice – Campus Slice is a crowdfunding site that helps students raise money for tuition.

Engine Inc. – Engine helps you reclaim your data with the world’s most powerful personal search engine.

Food by People – Food by People makes selling home baked goods as simple as sharing a checkout link.

Goodybag – Goodybag is a mobile app that lets you explore the food near you, view full menus of Austin area restaurants, and create personalized collections of your favorite dishes. TapIn with your keycard at our in-restaurant tablets and earn rewards that will automatically transfer to your app profile so everything is stored and easily redeemable. Goodybag is innovating the eating experience.

Jellifi – Jellifi matches both professional and casual event planners to the best and most unique local talent for flawless and fun events without the stress. Brands and businesses can find immediate access to local caterers, photographers, models and more with Jellifi’s intuitive platform.

Locotext – Locotext is a geo-marketing platform for brands, businesses, and organizations to create location-based campaigns targeting smartphone users. At Tech Cocktail, for the first time, Locotext will be demonstrating how easy and fast it is to create a geofence-based texting campaign which smartphone users can subscribe to. Additionally, Locotext will offer attendees exclusive access to create their own campaigns (in private beta) which anyone can then experience immediately through the Locotext mobile app.

MakerSquare – MakerSquare is a school system based in Austin Texas in which students with no technical backgrounds learn to develop software. Within 10 weeks, our program will have our students ready to apply to entry-level positions for startups within Austin.

ManagerComplete – ManagerComplete is a cloud-based application that helps organizations manage multiple locations. We are a fully-hosted solution priced at $39/location. We make it easy, just login and start managing your locations.

Rockify – Rockify let’s you experience music videos anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s like Pandora for music videos (only better).

Spot On Sciences – Spot on Sciences has created HemaSpot, an easy to use device that uses a finger stick to collect and dry two drops of blood within a protective cartridge, enabling selfsampling from a remote location.

Tabbedout – Tabbedout is the only only software-based mobile payment solution that lets consumers open, view and pay tabs from their smartphone without the need of a scanner or reader. We integrate directly with most major hospitality point-of-sale systems and require no additional hardware for the merchant.

UMeTime – UMeTime is a real-time, mobile marketing platform that connects local businesses with their immediate surroundings.