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Deadline Looms to Submit an Idea to SXSW Panel Picker

The crowd at SXSW’s Panel Picker Meetup at Molotov’s on Monday

Hey procrastinators, the deadline is midnight tonight to submit that great panel idea to the 2013 South by Southwest Interactive festival.
It’s also the deadline for film and music panels.
Last Monday, SXSW held a meetup at Molotov in downtown Austin that several hundred people attended. I met Tammy Lynn Gilmore with SXSW Interactive there.
She’s posted some tips on the SXSW Interactive blog how to submit a great idea. One of the tips is to keep your idea focused. You have about 35 minutes to speak and then take questions and answers. So you don’t have time to ramble on about all kinds of things.
My big takeaway from attending the show numerous times, is to be original, be humorous where appropriate, put on a great show and leave them wanting more.
That kind of talk takes planning. So it’s great SXSW has everyone thinking about their talk so far in advance. Good luck. Now I’ve got to go submit my panel idea.

Got a Great Idea for SXSW? Submit Your Panel Now

South by Southwest has become one of the must attend technology shows for those who want to stay on top of the latest trends in technology, music and film.
And a big reason SXSW has become so popular is that the show attracts top-notch speakers.
And the selection of some of those speakers and panels are crowdsourced through its PanelPicker process which began accepting proposals for the 2013 show that takes place March 8 – 17 in Austin.
To enter your idea, visit PanelPicker and fill out the forms. The deadline to submit proposals is July 20. After that, SXSW allows the community to view and rate the proposals. Voting begins on Monday, Aug. 13 and ends on Aug. 31.
The votes and the SXSW Advisory board and staff determine the programming for the show. More information can be found at the PanelPicker FAQ.
“The core of SXSW’s programming is to involve and engage the community with diverse and compelling content,” Roland Swenson, SXSW’s Managing Director said in a news release. “PanelPicker allows our community to not only have a voice in what we program, but share their innovative ideas. Every year we are impressed by the creative and forward-thinking submissions.”

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