Skyonic Secures $12.5 Million to Develop its Carbon Capture Technology

Austin-based Skyonic Corp. announced last week that it has landed another $12.5 million in funding. The company, which creates carbon capture technology, received the funding from existing investor, ConocoPhillips and from new investor Enbridge of Canada. Skyonic plans to use the money to further develop its technology, called SkyCycle, which uses thermolytic chemical reactions to […]

Skyonic Receives $9 Million to Create a Carbon Capture Plant

Austin-based Skyonic Corp. received $9 million of a $35 million investment for a carbon capture and utilization plant in the U.S. Investors included Northwater Capital Management, ConocoPhillips, PVS Chemicals, Carl Berg and Zachry Corp. in the Series C funding. The company plans to use the fund to build the plant this summer and for research […]