Everyone knows by now that tech talent is in short supply nationwide.
So ZippyKid, a fast growing WordPress hosting site, is offering $3,000 and the latest iPhone to someone who refers the winning candidate for its job opening.
The company, based at Geekdom in San Antonio, is hiring a senior systems administrator. ZippyKid offers managed WordPress hosting to WordPress content publishers who don’t want to hassel with the technology behind their sites. It offers fast loading and top level security and it specializes in providing services to small businesses, a-list bloggers and entrepreneurs.
“We’re looking for someone who will help build one of the finest data center/ops teams in the world,” according to the job posting. “This means the ability to identify and hire top notch team members, the ability to identify gaps in the architecture and help us work towards closing those gaps.”
Vid Luther founded ZippyKid in 2009. The company recently raised angel funding from the founders of Rackspace, Slicehost and 500 Startups.
“ZippyKid has grown over the past two years by word of mouth,” Luther wrote in a post on Facebook. “Everyone we’ve hired, and every customer that has switched to has, has done it because a friend of a friend told them about us. So, with that in mind, we want to make the pot sweeter for this latest hire. This is a very important job at ZippyKid, and we want to reward you for telling your friends (who qualify) about it.”
To get the $3,000 referral bonus, the person hired for the job must meet certain goals for the first three months in the job. The total reward including the latest iPhone is worth $3,650.
To apply for the job, please visit this site and fill out the application. Make sure to say who sent you so they can get the referral bonus!