Gazzang released its latest security software product: Gazzang zTrustee, a security management system.
The Austin-based startup says the software as a service offering provides companies with a “universal key manager that stores and manages all cryptographic keys, certificates, configuration files, tokens and any other “opaque objects” an enterprise maintains to secure its most sensitive data.”
Gazzang designed the product after receiving feedback from customers “who wanted to extend the reach of the Gazzang zNcrypt™ Key Storage System to manage other important IT objects alongside their Gazzang keys.”
With the increased popular of cloud, software as a service products and big data sites, companies are seeking ways to secure their data online and that’s what Gazzang’s products do.
Gazzang zTrustee helps companies restrict access to sensitive data and gives companies, not cloud or software providers, keys to access their information online in a secure way.
“The growing number of virtual images, cloud instances, servers, mobile devices and other connected systems in the enterprise has created an explosion of keys, certificates and other information objects,” Scott Crawford, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates, said in a news statement. “Getting this ‘key sprawl’ under control requires organizations to take a more holistic approach to the storage, management, tracking and access policies associated with those objects.”
Silicon Hills News Reporter Yasmin Ghahremani recently did this profile of Gazzang.