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root9B announced this week it is opening a new office this fall in downtown San Antonio.

The Colorado Springs, Colorado-based company provides advanced cybersecurity services and training to private businesses and government agencies. Its new office will be located in the Tower Life building downtown.

The company was ranked 45th on the Cybersecurity 500, a list of the hottest cybersecurity companies to watch in 2015.

“We believe San Antonio is a thriving entrepreneurial community where our company can add to the dynamic energy of one of America’s fastest growing cities,” Eric Hipkins, root9B Chief Executive Officer, said in a news release.

“root9B’s expansion will bring numerous technology jobs to San Antonio. This is a perfect example of the new economy, where a community’s economic growth and vitality is built around talented people and innovation,” Nelson Wolff, Bexar County Judge, said in a news statement. “The arrival of companies like root9B will be less visible than a new manufacturing plant or biomedical facility, but the economic impact will be just as profound.”

Already, more than 80 companies in the cybersecurity industry have offices in San Antonio, which is also home to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service Texas, 24th and 25th Air Force Commands and other military cybersecurity operations, according to the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.