In our backyard, under a giant oak tree, my husband built a marvelous sandbox.
My son spent hours playing there and I never worried about his safety.
The sandbox in today’s fast-paced digital world has become the cell phone, laptop or tablet computer. So parents need new tools to ensure their children are safe.
That’s the idea behind Famigo’s new virtual sandbox for kids.
The Austin-based startup released the Famigo Sandbox app for Android cell phones today. It provides a safe environment for kids to explore apps on their parents mobile devices.
The app creates a virtual wall between the kid-friendly apps on a device and the rest of the applications such as e-mail, phone contacts and web browsing.
Famigo, founded in 2009 and a graduate of the Capital Factory, an Austin startup accelerator, specializes in reviewing kid friendly applications for mobile devices. Its flagship product is the Famigo Family App Review identifying more than 30,000 kid-friendly apps.