Hat tip to Julie Huls, president of the Austin Technology Council, for sharing this Entrepreneur Magazine video featuring local entrepreneurs Brain Sharples, founder of HomeAway and Kim Overton, founder of SPIbelt.

It’s a reminder to us all that we can change the world through entrepreneurship.

“It is our nature to explore,” according to the video. “To go places no one has ever dreamed. To redefine what is possible. It is our calling to create. To transform the world around us. To plant the seeds of change. It is our responsibility to disrupt. To laugh in the fact of conformity. To create our own reality. It is our duty to lead. To show strength when others are weak. To trust ourselves when everyone doubts. We are the brave souls that are changing our culture, our economy, and redrawing the lines of the future. We are the entrepreneurs. And our greatest rewards have yet to come.”