10712872813_e7cc2ee457_n IBM Wednesday unveiled its new product design studio in Austin, which will focus on designing software for a global audience.
The 50,000 square foot studio will serve as the center for IBM’s software efforts in Big Data, cloud, mobile, social software and cognitive solutions.
IBM designed the space to encourage collaboration and to bring together designers, developers and product managers involved in creating new software products.
“This studio is the embodiment of a new approach to software design. It is the home of IBM Design Thinking, a broad, ambitious new approach to re-imagining how we design our products and solutions,” Phil Gilbert, general manager, IBM Design, said in a news release. “Quite simply, our goal — on a scale unmatched in the industry — is to modernize enterprise software for today’s user who demands great design everywhere, at home and at work.”
IBM already hosts a one-week training camp at its studio called “Designcamp.” So far, it has held more than 60 camps.
IBM is also recruiting design experts from top design schools nationwide.
This week, IBM released its first commercial product, InfoSphere Data Explorer, using its IBM Design Thinking initiative.
In addition to the Austin Design Studio, IBM’s Austin campus also has research and development labs, SmartCloud Innovation Center, Watson Solutions, cloud and smarter infrastructure teams and IBM Security Systems.