Google Buys Austin-based Adometry

In 2007, a startup called Click Forensics began operations in San Antonio. The company, founded by Tom Cuthbert and Tom Charvet, tackled the problem of click fraud online. Austin Ventures provided its initial $500,000 seed stage funding. Click Forensics ended up moving to Austin and pivoted to become a marketing analytics firm called Adometry. On […]

AT&T Plans to Expand its GigaPower Fiber Internet to San Antonio

AT&T announced Monday plans to roll out its ultra-fast fiber network and AT&T U-Verse TV service to San Antonio and 20 other major metropolitan areas. The company already delivers its 1 Gigabit per second broadband Internet network to Austin. It began to offer service there after Google announced plans for a 1 Gigabit network in […]

The Internship’s Message is to Enjoy the Real World

The big takeaway from watching this summer’s buddy comedy, The Internship, about two middle aged laid off salesmen who become interns at Google, is don’t get so enamored of the latest technology and gadgets that you neglect real life. And Google, for all its glory, is just a tool that humans use to get what […]

SOPA and PIPA protests

By now you’ve probably heard of SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act introduced by San Antonio Congressman Lamar Smith. The jist of it is that media and entertainment companies want to protect the copyright on their content from pirates. Not too many people would take issue with that. But the legislation would effectively give content […]