Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum, photo courtesy of Annie Ray

Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum, photo courtesy of Annie Ray

Rooster Teeth, which started 11 years ago in Burnie Burns’ spare bedroom in Austin, just got acquired by Fullscreen, a global youth media company based in Los Angeles.

Rooster Teeth created the long running video series on the Internet Red Vs. Blue. The company has about 70 employees in Austin and will remain here, operating as a subsidiary of Fullscreen with Burns and Matt Hullum heading up the operations. Silicon Hills News did this profile of the company back in April.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition means Fullscreen will continue to support Rooster Teeth’s shows and help them develop new content. It will also accelerate Fullscreen’s expansion into both live and animated content. It plans to expand its merchandise and live events and “integrate the innovative gaming and culture brand into its technology and advertising infrastructure.”

Otter Media, a venture between The Chernin Group and AT&T, recently acquired a majority stake in Fullscreen.

“Rooster Teeth is one of the strongest and most authentic media brands in the world amongst 18-34 year old, male-skewing audiences,” George Strompolos, Fullscreen CEO and founder, said in a news release. “The combination of its massive reach, unique creative voice and insanely powerful community makes it a perfect match for Fullscreen. Burnie and Matt are widely recognized as true pioneers in the world of online video. It’s an honor to team up with them as Fullscreen continues to redefine youth media.”

Rooster Teeth has an estimated fan base of eight million. It holds the Rooster Teeth Expo, an annual convention celebrating gaming and Internet culture every year in Austin.

“Recently, the company crowd-funded nearly $2.5 million to produce “Lazer Team,” which broke records as the most funded film on Indiegogo to date,” according to a news release.

“At Rooster Teeth, we have a long history of creating the best digital content in the industry,” Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth creative director, said in a news release. “With Fullscreen, we look forward to continuing that tradition in even bigger and better ways. Matt and I are excited about the opportunities this alliance will present for our creators and all the amazing content it will empower them to produce for our audience.”