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Freescale Buys Canada-based CogniVue

449px-Freescale_Semiconductor_logo.svgFreescale announced its acquisition of Ottawa, Canada-based CogniVue Corp. to boost its position in the autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems market.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Freescale, a microchip maker based in Austin, is a market leader in making sensor, microcontroller and microprocessor solutions for automotive radar and vision applications. The company already has shipped more than 20 million units for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems market.

“The acquisition of CogniVue accelerates our autonomous vehicles portfolio with leading-edge vision processing IP,” Bob Conrad, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Freescale’s Automotive MCU group, said in a news release. “With the exceptional market response to our S32V234 vision processor, as well as demand for our next generation vision solutions, this acquisition places Freescale in a position to supply highly automated car applications with the requisite performance, safety, security and reliability those systems require.”

Freescale already uses CogniVue’s technology in its S32V processor.

Freescale’s Discovery Lab Incubating Big Ideas

David Kramer, director of the Freescale Discovery Lab, photo courtesy of Freescale

David Kramer, director of the Freescale Discovery Lab, photo courtesy of Freescale

Big companies are looking at ways to make themselves more innovative.

Freescale, in Austin, has done just that.

The company launched the Freescale Discovery Lab, a hub for innovation at its headquarters in Oak Hill, a year ago. The goal was to incubate big ideas and come up with next big thing. The lab brings together Freescale’s best and brightest from around the globe to test their ideas. Projects explore alternative materials, packaging technology and architecting new systems and software.

“Every employee is encouraged to submit ideas and when accepted, that employee is assigned to the lab in Austin to work full-time on its realization,” according to a news release. “Since its opening, over 200 ideas have been submitted, and more than 20 employees are currently working on nine projects.”

Freescale plans to open a second lab soon in Toulouse, France.

Freescale’s history of innovation includes making the first automotive microcontroller to reduce emissions and get more miles to the gallon and “it also helped transmit the first words from the Moon with its radio frequency (RF) technology.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of what the Freescale Discovery Lab has accomplished in such a short period of time,” Gregg Lowe, Freescale president and chief executive officer, said in a news release. “These labs will continue to be a haven for disruptive innovation that nurtures new ideas, bringing about dramatic improvements in technology that change the face of our industry.”

Freescale hosted an event on its Austin campus at the Freescale Discover Lab last week to celebrate the lab’s successes. David Kramer is the director of the lab.

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