When your product helps light up the crowd at a Coldplay concert, you know you’re cool.
And Silicon Laboratories in Austin has created embedded technology that powers Xylobands LED wristbands that thousands of Coldplay audience members wear to the band’s concerts.
The actual Xylobands use wireless ICs and ultra low power microcontrollers from Silicon Labs to receive and process wireless signals that trigger each wristband’s LEDs to light up in sync with the music and stage lightshow, according to Silicon Labs.
A Coldplay Fan, Jason Regler, created the Xylobands to bring audience interaction to the concerts. He is co-owner of RB Concepts, based in the U.K., the maker of the Xylobands.
The wireless LED wristbands can be controlled remotely through special software and a laptop computer connected to a radio transmitter. The technology lets fans be a part of the show.