One of the keys to a successful high tech startup is the team backing the venture.
And solo-entrepreneurs can find it difficult finding a technical cofounder in central Texas where people with technical skills are in high demand. Other startup founders are looking for partners with different skills such as marketing, sales and business development.
A couple of events have arisen to help entrepreneurs find like-minded people who share their passion and are looking for a partner to spearhead their startup.
Tonight, a co-founder meetup will take place at Capital Factory and it’s full. More than 100 people, including a wait list of eight people, have signed up to pitch their company or simply network with other entrepreneurs. OnTechies, Capital Factory and HomeAway sponsor the event. Ricardo Sanchez organizes and runs the meetup.

The companies pitching tonight include:
• Amalgamii
• Escapaide
• GroupWink
• Taskbox
• Zaplings
• Eye in The Sky
• Eborhood
• Hobby Local
• MeatHeadz
• Pinfuse

And if you didn’t sign up in time to attend this co-founder meetup, Damon Clinkscales plans to host another FounderDating session on August 15. The last one was in May. You must apply to attend FounderDating. The organizers seek to get a balanced group made up of half engineering talent.