tumblr_inline_ngphceIZ0A1s8uesaFlightCar, the peer-to-peer car sharing service, launched in Austin on Dec. 16th.

The San Francisco-based company also launched in Oakland, Calif. In a post on Tumblr, FlightCar calls both cities havens for hipsters.

“Ranking high on every “Most Hipster City” list, Austin and Oakland are both well known for their vibrant millennial communities who squeeze into their pants, brew their own beer, and have a much more impressive music collection than you,” according to its post. “Now they’re also known for having FlightCar!”

FlightCar lets car owners park for free at the Austin International Airport at its lot. They can then rent out their cars to people visiting Austin and make money while they are travelling instead of paying parking fees. Every car is insured up to $1 million and every renter is pre-screened. And every auto also gets a free car wash and cleaning.

So far, FlightCar has launched in Boston, Dallas – Love Field, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Dulles, VA.

In its post on Tumblr, Flightcar recommends visitors to Austin do the hipster tour by having coffee at Epoch Coffee, buy records at Antone’s Record Shop, lunch at drink.well and drinks at Midnight Cowboy and live music at Sahara Lounge.