Chris Mckinzie, co-founder and CEO of, a new search company in Austin

Doing research online can take a lot of time and effort and led to frustration. It can also be difficult to retain the research in an easy to access and share format.
That’s the opportunity that Chris Mckinzie, co-founder and CEO of set out to fix.
“Search should be more of a discovery, not queries,” he said. “Our goal is to help people instantly find and consume related information naturally.” has patent-pending search technology that uses all of the words in a document or article online and matches those with other related documents.
That eliminates the need for keywords when searching and it saves time, Mckinzie said.
“You shouldn’t search for pages, you should search for objectives,” he said. also saves the research in a booklyt that serves as a curation tool online. The booklyt addresses are easy to share with others too on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook or by e-mail.
The market opportunity for simplified search online is $12 billion, Mckinzie said
Mckinzie has been involved in several start-ups including HearMe, Agillion and Fluid Innovation. He also worked for AT&T Internet Services.
With his latest company, Fluid Innovation, Mckinzie created a software platform to manage complex deals. The company licensed the technology to American Express. During that process, he met Mark Johns who had created an algorithm for search technology. Johns went to work for Fluid Innovation for two years. Now Johns and Mckinzie are taking the search technology to the marketplace through
“This is something that doesn’t exist at least as we’ve seen in the marketplace,” said Rob Baker, board member of Fluid Innovation.
The site makes aggregative and content curation easy, Baker said.
“The ability of to aggregate an abundance of relevant information and package that in this booklet and then share it with one click, it’s quite novel and very unique,” Baker said. expects to launch a WordPress Plug-in in January. plans to make money by embedding ads between the pages of a search and to match the ad to the context of the search. It also plans to license the technology to publishers. It is currently working with MedCity News and has other deals in the works, Mckinzie said.
“We’re targeting publishers who are trying to drive additional page views and open up additional communication with their audience,” Mckinzie said.’s search technology can produce the most targeted ad possible matched to the content, Baker said. It can bring new life to old stories and create new revenue streams from archives for publishers, he said.
“Everyone’s looking for consumption of information in a very efficient and fast manner,” he said.
To date, the founders have financed, but now it’s seeking $500,000 in seed stage funding, Mckinzie said. He plans to use the funding to build out’s mobile platform.