Earlier this month at the Google Fiber space downtown, Tarmac TX held its Demo Day for the companies in its 2017 cohorot.

Now the accelerator, based at Galvanize, is accepting applications for its 2018 program, which starts in mid-April. The free program lasts nine months and includes mentorship and help with issues facing early-stage companies. CALSO, a nonprofit organization, in partnership with 3M, puts on the program.

The program includes classes, workshops, mentorship with 3M employees, events and networking opportunities and office space at Galvanize.

The 2017 startups that participated in Tarmac TX’s program included:

AquaSprouts which combines hydroponic gardening with fish tanks to keep an aquarium clean and low-maintenance.

Care2Rock which offers online music lessons via live video with teachers from around the world. It also provides lessons to children in foster care for free.

CoachTube which provides access to online training from the world’s best coaches.

GrubTubs which picks up compost from restaurants for a free and recycles it into feed livestock feed.

ShowerStream which invented a shower device that saves waters in hotels.

Think and Zoom created a technology solution for the visually impaired using the Google Glass technology to create hands-free visual magnification powered by the human mind.

TrashBots makes low-cost science and engineering kits that allow kids to build robots and use recycled materials.

YanEngines is developing the D-Cycle piston to save on fuel costs and increase performance on existing internal combustion engines.

The deadline to apply for Tarmac TX’s 2018 program is March 15th.