Max Hoberman, founder of Certain Affinity. Photo by John Davidson.

Certain Affinity announced Monday Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited of Hong Kong has made a $10 million investment for a 20 percent stake in the Austin-based game development company.

The international investment follows a $5 million investment in Certain Affinity by Capstar Partners, an Austin-based private investment firm.

Under the agreement with Leyou Technologies, Certain Affinity will develop and produce an original game and will share in revenues from the game, according to a news release. Leyou will also provide up to a $15 million loan for costs and expenses related to the game’s development. Leyou also has the option of buying all of Certain Affinity’s remaining shares in 2021 for a valuation not to exceed $150 million.

Certain Affinity, founded in 2006, develops both original titles and it has codeveloped on multiple games in the Call of Duty and Halo franchises, DOOM, and Left 4 Dead.

“I have enormous respect for Alex Xu, Leyou’s CEO, and the team that he’s assembled,” Max Hoberman, Certain Affinity’s President and Founder, said in a news release. “This agreement launches a partnership to create an ambitious and exciting new game together, while the additional investment allows us to continue developing our own original IPs. Certain Affinity has a history of co-development on some of the biggest action franchises in the industry, and we will continue this work in parallel. Our commitment to growing the company and expanding our presence in Austin has never been stronger.”

“With its proven track record producing high-quality video games, Certain Affinity possesses the technical capability and talent to create highly successful titles, which in turn will assist Leyou in further diversifying its video game portfolio and enhancing its revenue streams,” Alex Xu, CEO of Leyou Technologies, said in a news release. “This strategic investment into Certain Affinity is consistent with the growth strategy of our Company as we continue to look for opportunities to invest and increase our market share in the video gaming industry.”