Fashion Designer Isabella Rose Taylor, courtesy photo.

Fashion Designer Isabella Rose Taylor, courtesy photo.

At the Austin A-List awards ceremony Wednesday night, the organizers chose to honor Isabella Rose Taylor as its entrepreneurial rising star.

Taylor, 15, is from Austin and is one of the world’s youngest fashion designers and artists.

“I really got into fashion through my art,” Taylor said. “I’ve been selling my art since before I can remember. I started painting when I was three. I’ve always been really creative. But I’ve always been looking for ways to turn that creativity into a business. So in that way, I would say I have been quite entrepreneurial.”

The Austin Chamber of Commerce along with South by Southwest Interactive picked Isabella Rose Taylor as its rising star for 2016 and gave her the award at the ACL Live Moody Theater before more than 750 people from the Austin technology community.

She launched her company at the age of 11. Because of her age, she said, she wanted to do something for her peers. She hosted a fashion show during Fashion Week in New York City for the past few years and in 2014 struck a deal with Nordstrom’s to carry her fashion line.

Taylor also was featured at Dell’s Women’s Entrepreneur Network, known as DWEN, in 2014 when it was held in Austin.

Taylor, who finished two years at Austin Community College for fine arts starting at age 13 transferred to Parsons School of Design in New York, to complete her degree.

“I’ve learned everything about merchandising, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, really everything about the industry,” Taylor said. She is just finishing up her first year and what she has learned has really helped her in her business and to reach her goals, she said.

“I think it’s really important my generation make a contribution to society and I think the best way to do that is through entrepreneurship,” Taylor said.

Her goal is become a big global lifestyle brand.

“Dream big,” Taylor said. “If you don’t you’re never going to be able to realize those dreams. You have to set your expectations high for yourself.”