imgres-1Seed Sumo, an accelerator based in Bryan, announced Thursday the eight startups participating in its three month program.

The program kicks off in College Station on May 20th and includes mentoring, business model design and a demo day. Each team gets $50,000 in financing.

“We really had a total of about 16 companies we felt pretty comfortable funding,” Bryan Bulte, managing director at Seed Sumo, said in a news release. “This year was extremely competitive and these eight teams we ended up selecting are some of the best out there.”

More than 1,200 people applied for the eight spots in the accelerator. After an extensive review and interview process, Seed Sumo selected the following eight startups: (descriptions provided by Seed Sumo)

TheCarForce is a virtual auto dealership and service center. it provides concierge service for automobiles under warranty, picking up and dropping off the car while providing a loaner to the owner during service.

Gripe-O, of Buffalo, New York, is a customer service platform. Its marketplace addresses complaints and provides resolutions for consumers and businesses.

Kinskii is the integration of video chat and gaming to bring families closer together.

Sleepra the first device to touch-enable your bed. With a Sleepra tucked under your sheets, you can touch, tap, or swipe gestures on your bed to snooze an alarm, turn on a lamp, adjust a room’s temperature, and control an ever-expanding array of smart home devices from the comfort of bed.

Polco is the social network for politics. It gives citizens a better platform to engage and politicians real-time, localized policy analysis, while providing digital political advertisers valuable real estate.

PrepFlash creates study aids such as flashcards, multiple choice and True/False quizzes in real time, automatically using cognitive science software similar to what is in SIRI and IBM Watson.

PetQuest offers online veterinary advice for Chinese pet owners. A curated selection of veterinarians answer questions about pet health instantly for $5, in a market where veterinarians are not as trusted as in the U.S. and it is difficult to get help quickly.

TargetVision is changing the shooting experience with technology. Using a camera that is placed 10 to 15 feet from the target, a video signal is broadcasted back on an iPad or iPhone instead of using a spotting scope.

Correction: this story originally reported that Seed Sumo was based at Texas A&M. It is not. It is a privately-owned for profit accelerator located on private property. Texas A&M University operates Startup Aggieland, based at the university’s west campus in Research Park. We regret the error.