uta175Founder.org received more than 500 submissions for its Big Ideas competition.
Its mission is “to inspire students to chase big ideas and become founders of impactful companies that drive innovation and economic growth.”
Founders.org has narrowed the field down to 50 Big Ideas as the semifinalists and five of them are from the Austin Technology Incubator at the University of Texas.
In fact, the University of Texas at Austin ranked third nationally, ahead of Harvard and Stanford, in the Founder.org competition. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkley ranked first and second. The winner receives a $100,000 grant to pursue their idea.

The UT Austin semifinalists include:

AdBm Technologies – Oil & Gas, Offshore Pile Driving – AdBm has created technology to reduce noise pollution from oil and gas drilling operations to help protect marine life.

AuManil – Consumer Products – AuManil has created a data-driven analytics and predictive model platform to help companies with customer relationship management.

Beyonic – Financial Services, Payments, Mobile, Developing world marketing and distribution -Beyonic is creating a mobile payment aggregation service for the developing world. Our platform allows any business to move beyond cash.

Lynx Laboratories – Art, Design, Industrial Imaging, Architecture, Real Estate – Lynx has created a camera-like device that can capture the shape and motion of an environment for easy 3-D modeling.

Seismos – Water Contamination Detection – Seismos has created diagnostic tools that can monitor real time oil and gas drilling operations to protect groundwater.

Founder.org is expected to announce the finalists in the next couple of weeks.