11 Takeaways from SXSW 2019

By Laura Lorek, publisher of Silicon Hills News South by Southwest Interactive, Film and Music continue to go on with fascinating keynote and panel discussions as well as film screenings and live performances. Here are a few observations from this year’s SXSW so far: ANALOG CARS – I’ve never heard a car referred to as […]

SXSW: Four Women Creatively Assault Institutional Sexism

By SUSAN LAHEY, Senior Writer with Silicon Hills News You know that movie scene where all the people who have been victimized realize there are more of them than there are of the bad guy? That’s kind of what’s happening with women and marketing these days as a panel called Girl Culture pointed out in […]

Will AI Kill Creativity?

By SUSAN LAHEY, Senior Writer with Silicon Hills News “People aren’t interested in push-button art. It’s much more interesting to watch people struggle and find something to say,” said Douglas Eck, Sr Staff Research Scientist at the Google Brain team and a self-identified “failed musician.” The SXSW panel was on AI and the Future of […]

ICON Unveils a New Large Scale 3D Printer to Build Affordable Homes

By LAURA LOREK, Publisher of Silicon Hills News Austin-based ICON on Monday unveiled its new “Vulcan II” 3D printer that can print up to a 2,000 square foot house quickly at half the cost. “It’s four times as big, it’s twice as fast, and it’s going to start shipping to customers next month,” said Jason […]

Facebook Critic Roger McNamee Says the Social Network Still Isn’t Doing Enough to Protect its Users

In an ironic twist, Roger McNamee, author of Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe, is taking out ads on Facebook to sell his book. “This is guerilla warfare,” McNamee said. Facebook is a powerful social network and his book exposes the flaws in the social network and Facebook is also a way to get […]

The Inventor Documentary Tells the Story of the Colossal Fraud of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

“The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley,” is a story about storytelling, said its Academy Award Winning Director Alex Gibney. The documentary is about how a couple of veteran journalists got fooled along with a lot of investors into believing Elizabeth Holmes just might be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Instead, Holmes, […]

Robots Behind the Wheel: Self Driving Cars are Inevitable

By LAURA LOREK, Publisher of Silicon Hills News Self-driving cars are the future, but there is still some uncertainty on how long it will take to get there and what that future looks like. That’s the conclusion from a panel discussion at South by Southwest Saturday morning. Hundreds of people showed up for the 9:30 […]

Cannabis, Music, Helmets and License Plates at SXSW Release It

By SUSAN LAHEY, Senior Writer with Silicon Hills News One of the best moments at SXSW Release It pitch competition was when CEO and co-founder of the winning company, Lumos Helmet, admitted that he had no idea how the company’s first product wound up on Oprah’s favorites list. “I was afraid to ask,” Lumos Helmet […]

At SXSW, Fans Line Up to Bleed for the Throne at HBO’s Blood Drive Event

Sharing a pint takes on a whole new meaning at South by Southwest this year. At the HBO Game of Thrones event at SXSW, participants are asked to bleed for the throne – literally. HBO has joined with the American Red Cross to combat a worldwide blood shortage by harnessing the power of Game of Thrones fans, HBO […]

Hypergiant Adds Tech Industry Veterans to its Staff

Hypergiant Industries is beefing up its staff with some heavy hitters from the technology industry. Hypergiant has announced that Brian Beard and Gary Gattis will join as Global Chief Strategy and Legal Officer and General Manager in Residence respectively. Hypergiant, which came out of stealth mode last year, has launched two new divisions, Hypergiant Galactic […]