The U.S. Military Kicks Off “Hack the Army” Program at Capital Factory in Austin

Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning

Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning

The Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning visited Capital Factory on Friday to announce a new program called Hack the Army, the U.S. Army’s first bug bounty challenge in partnership with HackerOne.

“The largest branch of the U.S. military is preparing to be hacked to enhance its security in the coming weeks,” according to a post on HackerOne.“Working with the hacker community is an effective way to uncover vulnerabilities in even the most powerful organizations.”

In addition to Sec. Fanning, others attending the event included Alex Rice, HackerOne CTO and co-founder as well as HackerOne partner Katie Moussouris of Luta Security.

The Hack the Army program will be run through HackerOne and will provide registered hackers the chance to compete for bounties by finding and reporting vulnerabilities in the information technology infrastructure to the U.S. Department of the Army.

The program comes on the heels of the Hack the Pentagon bug bounty program. During that program, hackers found 138 vulnerabilities during a 24 day period, according to HackerOne. It reports that the Department of Defense plans to run more hacking programs with various departments and the Hack the Army is the first of those to roll out.

More details on how to participate in the challenge will be released soon.


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