KUKA Opens Robotics Center in Austin

Kuka's robots, courtesy photo.

Kuka’s robots, courtesy photo.

KUKA ATX is a new robotics research and development center in Austin focused on industrial robots for factory production.

The German-based company established its newest center of excellence at 11921 North Mopac Expressway.

The center will focus on web, cloud and mobile software platforms to augment KUKA robotics, customer experience and overall productivity.

The Austin location has a team of software engineers, roboticists and product marketing experts. It also serves as “the primary advisers of technical and strategic oversight for KUKA’s U.S.-centric investments,” according to a news release.

KUKA ATX will be holding an event on August 24th to celebrate its new center. It will include tours, demonstrations and a presentation on “The Past, Present and Future of Robotics” by Robin Murphy, director of the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) and the Center for Emergency Informatics. It will also include a panel discussion on “Robotics and Automation: Opportunities, Challenges and New Technologies” featuring Murphy, David Fuller, chief technology officer, KUKA Roboter, Andy Chang, director of product marketing at KUKA, Clay Flannigan, assistant director of robotics and automation engineering at Southwest 
Research Institute 
and moderated by Jon Fournie, vice president of software research and development of KUKA.


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