BikeTexas Teams up With Spinlister

imgresSpinlister, the peer-to-peer bike sharing service that launched in Austin last month, has signed a deal to sponsor BikeTexas, an organizations that encourages and promotes bicycling.

Spinlister plans to help BikeTexas with marketing and logistical support for its new BikeTexas parking and valet programs. It plans to offer the services to event organizers to promote bicycling in Austin. BikeTexas is also listings its fleet of 150 bikes on Spinlister to raise funds.

“With Spinlister’s support, we’ll be able to build a sustainable bike parking and bike valet program to serve the local community. These new services, along with the revenue expected from our rental fleet, will help fund our initiatives to create positive change in Austin for generations to come,” Robin Stallings, the Executive Director of BikeTexas, said in a news statement. “Now, when travelers come to Austin they will not only be renting bikes but helping the community long after they are gone.”


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