Greenling Gets a New CEO

images-2Greenling, an organic food delivery service, announced Tuesday Bill Tolany will become its new CEO and has joined its board of directors.

Founder Mason Arnold, who has led the company since its founding in 2005, will remain on Greeling’s board of directors.

Tolany previously spent eight years at Whole Food Market in a variety of leadership positions.

“I am excited to welcome Bill to the Greenling family,” Arnold said. “From the beginning, Greenling’s mission has been to provide our customers with easy access to sustainable, local and organic food while offering fair prices and increased distribution to support our local producers.”

“Greenling has always been on the forefront of connecting people to their food sources,” Tolany said. “And with the growing importance of convenience, I’m particularly excited to expand our already outstanding selection of meal kits and prepared foods. Greenling is absolutely the most convenient way for customers to get authentic local and organic foods, and I am honored to be part of such an important mission.”

Greenling has raised $6.7 million since its founding.

Greenling has 48 employees in Austin, and 54 overall with operations in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.


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