Tableau Software Expands and is Hiring in Austin

Tableau's CEO Christian Chabot, photo courtesy of Tableau

Tableau’s CEO Christian Chabot, photo courtesy of Tableau

In recent years, a number of tech companies have expanded to Austin.
Among them, Tableau Software Inc. set up shop in September of 2012 and expanded its offices to Congress Avenue six months ago. The company has grown rapidly in Austin, said Elissa Fink, its chief marketing officer.
She was in town recently for an open house Tableau held at The Belmont featuring a speech by its CEO and Co-founder Christian Chabot, 42.
Tableau Software Open House in Austin, photo courtesy of the company

Tableau Software Open House in Austin, photo courtesy of the company

The Seattle-based company, founded in 2003, had one of the biggest tech initial public offerings in 2013. It went public on the Nasdaq stock market last May with an initial stock price offering of $31 a share and raised $254.2 million. The company’s stock closed at $50.75, up 64 percent on its first day. Tableau sells data analytics and visualization software. Its stock closed at $75.60 on Tuesday.
And the company, with 1,039 employees, is expanding in Austin, Fink said. But the company doesn’t provide figures on how many Austin employees it has or how many it expects to hire this year, she said.
Elissa Fink, Tableau Software's chief marketing officer, photo courtesy of the company.

Elissa Fink, Tableau Software’s chief marketing officer, photo courtesy of the company.

The company’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies like eBay and Target to startups like Tesla. It also sells to solo-entrepreneurs, game designers, scientists and high school principals.
Its Austin-based customers include the University of Texas at Austin, Zilliant, SolarWinds, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Texas Department of State Health Services, Freescale Semiconductor and Wargaming America.
“We love the energy, we love the talent pool and we love the attitude of Austin,” Fink said. “It has all the qualities we espouse in our brand.”
Tableau is looking to hire great sales people, technical and support people, engineers and software developers as well as marketing and operations employees, Fink said.
“Our mission is to help people see and understand their data,” Fink said. “Tableau builds software that makes it really easy for people to access a database through visualizations.”


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